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Background Screening Blog

Guide to Employee Screening and Drug Testing

Any business of any size is concerned about employee screening. There are many cases when a business has lax hiring practices that have brought employees with drug problems into the fold. Disruption in the work environment and even injury can be cause by these drug dependent employees. There are times when businesses have been entangled in lawsuits which are related to these incidents. It can eventually lead to a great cost to the company and even the loss of life. That is why now stringent screening processes are involved in hiring practices. The concern has been greater to weed out problematic employees. Many companies today have included drug testing as a part of the company's employee screening program. Below are some of the reasons why it is done and how to make drug tests part of your hiring procedure.


Drug testing in your employee screening program is important for several reasons. There can be a massive effect on the productivity and safety of other workers if there is drug abuse in the work place. People who have drug problems are usually absent from work, unreliable in their positions and are prone to theft and other crimes. It is also difficult to work with them because drug abusers often have very poor attitudes.


Workers who are under the influence of drugs will often make mistakes in the workplace which is another reason for the importance of drug testing in the workplace. This can lead to injury and expensive claims for workers' compensation. To know more about drug testing, visit


Drug testing should first be checked with your state laws. Regulations differ from state to state. There are some that allow applicants to be tested for drugs after an offer for employment has been made. You also need to create a formal drug policy for your company. This policy should include clear explanations of how and when the drug test is administered for employee screening. You also have to be sure that all applicants sign a consent form. In the drug policy and consent form, the steps involved in drug testing should be clearly explained. The results from drug testing should be kept confidential just like how you keep personal information.


Your workforce and your company are protected if you include drug tests in your employee screening program. You reduce your chances of other mistakes or errors in judgment harming other employees if you weed out applicants who have a history of drug abuse. You can also guard your business against negligent hiring lawsuits by conducting these drug tests.


Exposing business to the possibility of hiring bad employees continue in many companies. There are two reasons why this is ironic. First, the cost of conducting employee screening is relatively small. And second, the potential cost of neglecting to do it is very high. You can be more vulnerable that you imagine if your company does not have rigorous hiring practices that include exhaustive employee background checks.